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The Suikoden Tabletop Game


So you're interested in the GSTRPG. At least, that's why I think you're here.

I am genuinely humbled by the number of people who make an effort to find me and contact me about this little thing I've passively worked on through the years. I don't know how you've gotten my work, but I've decided to make it easily accessible to everyone and you can download the latest revision here. All I ask is:


Basically, don't be a dick. I'll try my best to communicate, but it probably won't happen. Don't be offended, it's not anything you did. I'm just lazy and I shift gears a lot through the day. I do listen to feedback. Feel free to give it.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for playing. Thanks for being here. Again, it is really humbling.


07/15/18 - 5.2. Added some wordy bits. Didn't change the mechanics from 5.1.

Yeah, Revision 5 is here. There's a lot of mechanics now. But it is a fully fleshed out thing now instead of just barebone stuff. There's theoretical monster stat blocks now to help you create monsters or enemies, which I think was really needed. Also revamped a lot of the mechanics to make more sense; there was a lot of deterioration over the years but now it's been adjusted.

Who knows if any of it is balanced though. Will need thorough testing and feedback.

Most of it is in the revision notes.

Click here for the pdf: