All About Me

Great! You’re here. Studies have shown that the average person looking at any portfolio gives it approximately seven seconds before they stop viewing. Even less time is given if there’s a noticeable error or mistake.

Still reading this? Awesome. This bodes well for the both of us. I’ll stop dawdling and get down to the quick and dirty facts about me:

    • Currently working at Carbine Studios as a Systems and Technical designer on the MMORPG WildStar.
    • Previously worked at ZeeGee Games as part of a design team, creating content and gameplay systems.
    • Accomplished scripter and writer.
    • Enjoys dogs and long walks on the beach.

You’re still here? Fantastic, but let’s not stop now! You can find all the projects I’ve worked on in the side bar to the right there. All with pictures and extremely brief summaries, of course.